About the Founder

The story of TARAASI is also the story of its founder, Rupinder,  finding her connection to aesthetics and beauty through clothing.  For an MCA from Punjab,  working for a reputed MNC in Pune for four years,  she had no connection with either fashion or design.  Marraige brought her to Bhopal,  into a family of Gujarati Medicos, where entrepreneurship is highly valued.  The desire to offer something of value to the society, led to the birth of TARAASI,  a clothing brand, where she dreamt of creating the clothing of the woman of today. From learning the ropes of the field, to finding her own niche, it has been a journey of wonderful self discovery, freedom and passion. Today, as she actively creates, expands and pushes the envelope of business ethics with TARAASI,  authenticity has come to be her watchword for everything.  Authenticity of design, ethics, effort and impact.  Everything at TARAASI is done in a spirit of offering something of value to the people at large. Hope it's creations give you as much satisfaction as it's founder gets in creating them.