Our Core Values


At TARAASI,  we believe that the most beautiful creations are the most simplest ones. Those that are clear in thought,  concept and execution.  Hence, we follow minimalism in our designs.  With the help of the right color, fabric and silhouettes, a garment can leave a powerful yet uplifting effect on both the wearer and the viewer alike. Also, the designer's acumen is tested the most when playing with minimum tools on the palette.



With the fashion circles buzzing with this word, sustainable fashion has come to mean different things for different people.  For TARAASI,  it means every garment should be as near nature or its source of production as possible.  From choice of organic fabrics to handlooms, hand embroidery and azo free dyes, we apply everything at TARAASI.   

Zero Wastage by ensuring that cloth remnants are made into something pretty and useful, as well as marketed at rightful places.

Organic Packaging is another theme we are exploring. 

Ensuring sustainability is a work in progress at TARAASI,  but has our constant commitment, till we reach our target of 100 percent sustainability.


Ethical Business Practices-

Our workers are our extended family.  In our journey,  they have been our constant wayfarers. Approved working hours and wages are scrupulously followed at TARAASI.  We strive hard to ensure a happy and nurturing working environment,  where every team member is able to give their best.